There are few things more powerful than siblings finding the same creative spark within themselves and building something truly dynamic together. This is certainly the case for Stereo Jane, which features sisters Sydney and Mia Schmier on vocals and drums, respectively. Together, the duo presents an edgy blend of genres that leaves you wanting more. “Holy Hell” and “Real World” are just a taste of what listeners can expect from the duo’s forthcoming releases.

Perhaps this wide spectrum of musical inspiration can also be attributed to the duo’s move from a suburb outside of Detroit to the sprawling metropolis that is Los Angeles. This newfound freedom allowed the sisters to let loose and discover new depths to their songwriting & performance. With Sydney at the helm belting out her powerfully soulful vocals and Mia driving the heartbeat of every song on the drums, the group exemplifies what it is to be a young, real band with a resonating sound.

After years of paying their dues, working with some of the top songwriters and producers in Los Angeles, Stereo Jane’s music embodies this journey, resulting in a new single that feels uniquely satisfying for the duo. “Real World” showcases a new side of Stereo Jane’s sound, while staying true to the duo’s method of writing around prominent vocal melodies and drum patterns.